Islamophobia in India

Recently, a lot of Muslims have been facing poor treatment and discrimination in India. There have been numerous offensive remarks to the holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and his wife Aisha RA. According to Wikipedia approximately 10,000 Muslims have been killed in India due to communal violence in the 1950’s. Newly, a huge riot broke out between Indians and Muslims, Mosques were fire bombed, mass shootings from Indian arm forces for defending the Prophet (PBUH), and demolishing their homes.

Muslim’s homes being destroyed

That being said, Muslims in India and in other countries continue to protest for their human rights and freedom and to defend the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his wife Aisha. One of the most famous modern Islamic scholars Dr. Zakir Naik has spoken up about the issue and suggests that Hindus and Muslims can unite based on their similarities. Click on the link below for more information


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