Half of Pakistan is at Risk from the Flood and is Suffering from Food Insecurities!

Pakistan Flood. Photo retrieved from The New York Times

Approximately 6 months ago, it has been discovered that 1/3 of Pakistan has been ruined and washed away in a flood that has lasted for 3 months straight! Pakistan is in desperate need of food and water and shelter for basic survival. Some will say the main reason for this massive over the top flood has occurred is due to climate change.

Due to that massive amounts of continuous rain that’s has lasted for 3 months (90 days). There has been exactly 1,717 people were killed in the first wave, and leaving 10 million children with lack of nutrition and safe spaces.

The fundraising campaign known as Islamic Relief has been collecting donations from all across the world to help the South Asian country reach its substantial economic and social needs. It is a very dark and devastating time for Pakistanis and they are in need of support more than ever. You can help by offering something simple as a hygiene kit to snacks and drinks and medical assistance such as a First Aid kit. You can make a change by going to your local mosque or right from your home.

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