Tragedy of Mahsa Amini

Protest in Iran and Justice for Mahsa Amini

The sad and heartbreaking truth about the death of the 22 year old, Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini who was murdered by the Iranian police, for wearing a hijab “incorrectly.” This incident became a breaking point for all of the women in Iran who are tired of being abused for their dress code from the Iranian government. Throughout the years, women in Iran have been facing dehumanization for not abiding by the “hijab law” and the “morality” police in the name of Islam. Let me just say first of all that this is not a part of Islamic law, in the religion hijab cannot be forced on a woman whatsoever, and that they choose to wear it or when they want to wear it, and the Islamic republic is not a representation of the religion.

Millions of women gathered around and protested for the rights of Iranian women and for their voices to be heard, and to finally be seen as human, people from all around the world across platform are spreading awareness for the situation in Iran including Muslim women in the west.

It is truly devastating, and disgusting that people still have this mindset in the modern day, not only causing harm to innocent women and girls in their culture but also trying to corrupt the religion of peace by promoting violence. I truly hope women in Iran will have their Justice soon.

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