Top 3 Technology Advancements in Today’s Society

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Over the years, technology is always progressing further and further as the time goes by, new and brilliant innovations and inventions are always discovered and built for the modern world. The ideas of high tech were first introduced approximately 2 million years ago, when the first piece of technology that was invented was the Chopping tool which happens to be one of the oldest inventions in the British Museum. Ever since then more and more people, including scientists with the most experience in research have become interested in making world breaking discoveries.

You will hear many stories about how robots and machines will soon take over the manual labor jobs especially menial jobs such as being a waiter/waitress, and possibly all physical labor jobs too. In this article you will find out the top 3 advancements that have come a long way in today’s world, so let’s dive into it!

Artificial Intelligence

Robots and A.I technology have been being portrayed in many television series and movies like WALL-E, Blade Runner, and Interstellar. While the media version of A.I is slightly over exaggerated, it’s not too far off from how it is in real life. The idea of artificial intelligence has existed for a solid 60 years and has continued evolve throughout the time with new inventors and innovators in the process. Researchers are developing and will continue to find new methods that will help train machines to imitate the actions of people and will soon work their way to make them high in demand in the market in the state of the art. The first anthropomorphic robot was discovered and built at Waseda University in Japan in 1970, and the title given to the robot was WABOT-1, it contains the ability to control their arms, and make eye contact. plus initiate and carry a conversation. It is truly fascinating how we’ve come so far today with science.

In the recent years, 3 developments have been contributed to the improvement and reinforcement of A.I:

  • Deep Learning Chips: the purpose of this function is to help machines understand visual imagery like photos and videos, and audio/people speaking and texts in a better way, they are used to train to increase the speed of neural networks.
  • Computational Progress and New Intellectual Structures: This program allows them to reinforce learning, and the improvement of such concepts is becoming more complexed as the days go by. This method will help A.I with mathematical problem solving, and understand and speak new languages, this is certainly a big step for the infrastructure.
  • Better Understanding of Human Behavior: This is one of the reasons why A.I robots stand out and are not like other robots built in human history. This third change has given the machine the ability to process human emotions, now they have become so advanced that they are now able to interact and socialize just like everyone else. Very fascinating.

Modern Scientists have a long way to go, but they are not too far away from making Artificial Intelligence reach to a point where they will outsmart humans and dominate most of the manual labor work in society. A survey conducted for A.I experts suggests that human degree robots will be 50% developed after 2 decades. and within 9 years it will be 1o percent. You just might never know what these powerful machines can do, and if we can stop them from overtaking humanity. It could be possible; we will have to wait and see.


The concept of automation has dated back for at least 5,000 years, but however the data-based tasks and the introduction started between 1940s- 1960s. In 1942, Hedy Lemarr invented the GPS and turn signals. She has also invented Bluetooth which you can connect to your vehicle. Despite it not getting much recognition, it definitely did a lot of contribution to advance the technological and automotive society. In 1771, Richard Awkright created the first fully mechanical spinning mill with waterpower, followed by Oliver Evans in 1785 turning it out to be the first fully mechanical industrial process. There are many examples of automotive machinery such as Automated School Buses, Hand-Free Search Engines (which is attached to the Google Driverless cars), and Garage opener apps. In today’s world mobile and electric powered machines have become extremely high in demand in today’s world, and it is sure to be very memorable, and more convenient for future generations.

Electrically Powered and Wireless Household Functions

In today’s society, civilizations have grown to learn about wireless household products. Some of the items that are commonly used by people are Alarm Systems, Appliance Control, Heat/AC Thermostat, and last but not least Live Video Surveillance. A lot of these frequently used items can also be a form of automation which is talked about in the previously, WIFI (wireless internet connection) has also been around for many years and has been invented by the same person who invented GPS, which is mentioned in the above paragraph. Through an internet connection, smart homes enable homeowners to control appliances, thermostats, lights, and other devices remotely. Not to mention, wireless or hardwired systems can be used to set up smart homes.

So there you have it, the top 3 ways modern technology has improved.

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