Why the The Farha Film Should be Given The Rating it Deserves

Farha Film 2021

The Palestinian Film “Farha” was released in 2021, the plot of this movie was outlining the history between Palestine and Israel in 1948, and portrays a 14 year old girl who was locked inside a pantry by her father and has promised to return.

Israel has discovered this and did not like the fact that the film showed the Nakba conflict and is now deliberately giving bad ratings so no one would watch it, and has threatened to take it off of Netflix. The story of the conflict highlights from the girl’s perspective and all the atrocities she has witnessed. It shows scenes where Palestinian families have been murdered and deprived of their human rights.

It absolutely deserves a higher rating as it the events occurred in the scenes were presented in a very realistic way of how the history of the Palestinian- Israel conflict was like. On IMDb has currently a rating of 8.5/10. Hopefully it remains that way or increases.

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