Chaos in Qatar During the World Cup About Human Rights

2022 World Cup in Doha, Qatar

There are many viral TikTok’s going around as well as numerous statistics, news reports accusing Qatar of violating human rights. There have been many speculations going around that Qataris reject LGBTQ rights and exploit migrant workers.

As a Muslim, I will agree that as many Middle East countries are very harsh on Queer people regarding their orientation and identity let alone being in a public relationship, but their are some countries in the Middle East that aren’t as anti LGBT. On the other hand one thing to be said is that countries that don’t separate religion from state will have some different rules and values as well as similar ones, also you may have to consider Middle East countries that had to gain independence, Qatar is one of those countries.

As far as it goes, it is rather inhumane to murder people solely on their orientation and gender identity or to harass and name call or discriminate in any way, if they haven’t done anything wrong especially if they aren’t harming you or if they are irreligious. However at the same time anyone who isn’t apart of the faith have to respect the modesty culture that the people of the inherited religion (Islam) hold as long as it isn’t doing injustice to anyone.

That being said there are also reports about oppression of migrant workers, if that is true everyone truly hopes that they will get the justice that they deserve as it is complete against the religion to exploit anyone. Qatar has recently established in 2021 as the first country in Gulf region to give wage without discrimination of any worker. The exploitation and murder of migrant workers may not be fully evacuated as the law was recently placed, and because Qatar was colonized at one point. Rest is to ensure migrant workers will be treated better.

To find out mote ways that Qatar is improving click on the link below!

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