Most Aesthetically Pleasing Places to Travel in 2023

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Starting off the new year, you will be looking at the most beautiful artistic places to travel during the holidays and on summer break, or maybe simply on your spare time. Throughout the years people have known about many famous iconic destinations to view and tour around and simply admire the luxury life. Today you will find in this article the most beautiful aesthetic places to travel so here we go!

1. Rome, Italy

Rome has a lot of interesting landmarks to admire like the the art and the architecture and the amenities, it’s perfect for tourists.

2. Milan, Italy

Milan is well known for fashion designer brands and expensive beautiful hotels which is heavily rooted in aesthetics, and it’s what makes it one of the most appealing cities for travellers and business people.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

One of the most admirable buildings in Istanbul, Turkey is the Blue mosque which was built somewhere between 1609 – 1616 and had around 6 minarets.

4. Greece

Greece has some of the most beautiful, stunning landscapes and amazing lakes where you can swim and enjoy great climate.

*Note. These countries and Cities are not ranked in chronological order.

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